Privacy Policy

We do not sell or give away your data to anyone for any reason (unless subpoenaed). If that is not sufficient, please read on.

We currently do not store, harvest, data mine, or share your personal info for anything other than the features on this website ( which may include the information you provide for orders and order tracking. If you store your name, address, etc for a future order, it will only be used for future orders. If you give use your email address for a newsletter, it will only be used to send you the newsletter. It is not limited to these two pieces of info, but the general definition of how we will use your data is the purpose for which is stated and how you intended us to use it.

We use cookies to store pieces of info to make the user experience for as seamless and user friendly as possible. We use a framework, but to our knowledge, the cookies store non-personal information. All of your personal information that you give us for orders and such is stored in a secured database on the website server.

We do not store credit card information. The information is stored by our secured payment gateway provider (currently Stripe).

We reserve the right to change this info at any time. However, our stance on your privacy will always be the same. We hate spam. We hate overly agressive marketing. Etc. Therefore, we don't want to do that to our users.