MT4 All Periods Converter Script

All Periods Converter script converts MT4 1 minute imported historic data to all standard time frames (5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 4h, 1d) in seconds. Metaquotes provides a PeriodConverter script that requires you do one time period at a time as well as runs continuously if doing custom time periods. The AllPeriodsConverter script simply converts all the standard time periods for when you just install your MT4 or for whatever reason has time period gaps in your hst data. Instructions below.

How to use the AllPeriodsConverter Script:

  1. Download 1 minute data from any provider and import it through the Tools > History Center in your MT4 installation. (You may need to open and close MT4 to get it to update show up in the charts.)
  2. Open a 1m chart for the 1m currency you imported in step 1 and drag the AllPeriodsConverter script onto the 1m chart you just opened.
  3. Check the messages tab to see if all the time periods converted. (You may need to open and close MT4 to get it to update show up in the charts. You can see if the files exist in File > Open Data Folder... then in the file system go to history\<server name> and see if all the hst files exist.)

NOTE: To import the cleanest data, sometimes it's best to go to your Data\history\<broker-server> folder and delete all previous hst files before doing the steps above.