IfStats Subscription

IfStats is one of our other projects that became it's own entity not meant for this robust shopping cart.

Many brokers are now deleting your MT4 history inside your MT4 terminal. MT4 also offers no real clear way to know if you're profitable or not, especially if you're trying to analyze a single trading strategy and have multiple running (e.g. expert advisor).

IfStats stores and charts all your MT4 history in a database and then allows you to sort and filter by almost all criteria (account numbers, magic numbers, open date, close date, day of the week, etc.) We are always open to new suggestions for filters too.

IfStats also allows you to add notes to your trades. For example, if you have an EA that you need to close manually, you can add a note to the order as to why you closed the order manually.

We basically created IfStats for our own trading and find it to be an extremely insightful tool. We think you will too. You can check it out here: